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The best way to adjust the steering wheel sensitivity is to take your car at a low speed left and right to the edges of the track repeatedly, and then Recommended reading. To download Winzip again, click this link and follow the instructions given. go faster until you feel you no longer have good control of the car. At that point, lower the sensitivity if you lost control and crashed off the track. As you improve, you will be able to increase sensitivity until you find a comfortable spot.

  • The Autolog feature offers you the ability to connect with friends to compare stats or to compete in head-to-head races.
  • Players purchase their vehicles with bounty and as they progress through their career, they can improve acceleration, strength and speed.
  • Expanding on the Colin McRae franchise, Dirt 2 makes the experience more accessible with the use of multiple difficulty settings, an immersive career mode and solid online multiplayer to boot.
  • The game is best described as an arcade game that plays very much like a sim.
  • Need For Speed Hot Pursuit offers pure driving entertainment that is challenging without being impossibly difficult.

It mostly just comes down to which console you have, although if you have access to both then I would have to say go for Gran Turismo Sport. Finding the perfect steering sensitivity can be pretty difficult if you aren’t a veteran racing gamer. Most people tend to treat the wheel as if they were driving in their own vehicle during their daily commute, and fail to factor in the high speed of the game.

Alpine Crawler Ultimate is an Off Road simulation with real time physics, weather effects, different cars and tracks to choose and much more. Car Destruction 3D Pro is a toy car racing and driving simulator. But it is not an ordinary fast race – your speed is not so important as your driving skills. Both GTS and PC2 offer fairly comprehensive car settings for those who like to fiddle and refine vehicle aspects like damper compression and downforce to shave a few seconds off their lap times.

Hp 12cp Financial Calculator :

To help rookie drivers, the effects of any changes are highlighted on-screen, while Project Cars 2 goes one step further and offers a simple, multiple-choice chat with your mechanic to figure what tweaks to make. The idea is to encourage players to understand the whys and the whats, so they can confidently manually fix their ride without assistance. GT Sport, though, retains the overall realism while being far more forgiving. Technically the best of both worlds, but a blow for those who want their Gran Turismo-ing to be as realistic as possible. On the other hand, the simulation is damn good enough to earn approval from motorsport’s governing body, the FIA, to the point where elite players can obtain a real-world FIA licence.


After owning both games for a number of months I find myself playing Gran Turismo Sport much more frequently. Overall I would have to say that Gran Turismo just about takes this one, although not by very much.

With so many racing games hitting the market this season, it‚Äôs only fitting to share with you some of my favourite tips to improving your in-game driving skills. Not all racing games are the same, so use the features you have available and get practicing. You get a since of the weight in the wheel, you feel the suspension through the wheel, and of course can manually shift using a clutch pedal. The only time I’ve felt a wheel feel unnatural is playing project cars. I own and have used my Logitech G27 wheel for many driving games.

Interestingly, both games employ a ‚Äėfair play‚Äô ranking ‚Äď a Safety Rating in PC2; Sportsmanship Rank in GT Sport ‚Äď designed to make you a better driver or, at the very least, pair you with equally poor performers. You know, the kind who use your car as an apex, so they can make a tight corner. On paper, there‚Äôs not much difference between the PlayStation 4‚Äôs flagship racer and Slightly Mad Studios‚Äô Project Cars 2. Both bill themselves as real-world driving simulators, packed with the biggest car brands in the world and featuring a mega-ton of famous tracks even non-racers will recognise.

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